My name is Moriah. I’m 27-years-old, born and bred in The Ocean State — Rhode Island!

I have a Bachelor’s in Science in Communicative Disorders from The University of Rhode Island (speech and audiology undergraduate), as well as an Associate’s in Art. Although school has taught me so much, I still am constantly curious in learning — especially about food and recipes!

I am a lover of  veggies, chocolate, cookies, pizza, pasta, and peanut butter (but not all together). Basically, you name it, I probably eat it & like it. Welcome to my blog!


We all have stories because we’re all different. Our experiences, perspectives, and lives are not the same. My story begins way back when. Ever since I could remember, I’ve only known myself as a rather larger girl. I was never into sports or was fast (especially in gym class). I was one of those stereotypical kids that was more or less picked last, and one of those kids that WAS last coming back from running a lap. I would get pained while catching my breath, and I knew that it wasn’t right to feel that way.

However, I didn’t do anything about it to make it better and it continued until I was about thirteen. Although I had seen a nutritionist a couple of years prior, whatever weight I lost with her was already gained back plus more; so I finally put my foot down and told my mother that I wanted to join Weight Watchers. With her consent, I took whatever I made babysitting and invested it in an all-new me. I was over 200 lbs when I joined, and lost 6 lbs within the first week! I was so motivated and excited that I continued watching my POINTS and lost an additional 50 lbs with the program. My lowest weight while in the program (and ever) was 170 lbs. I entered high school feeling confident and healthy, but unfortunately it didn’t last too long. With the stress of school and other things, I lost that spark that kept me going, and eventually ended up gaining some of the weight back.


I maintained at around 180 lbs for almost three years. Then, I gradually went from 180 lbs to 190 lbs to eventually to over 200 lbs! At that point, I wasn’t really monitoring what I was eating, and I was getting aggravated when my clothes were fitting differently.  I then got some motivation back, and went back to Weight Watchers a second time, while I was a junior in high school. That time around, I only lost 30 lbs. After I plateaued, I basically gained it back again over the three years afterwards.

Looking back, and whether or not I showed it, I really felt self-conscious in high school. My weight really had an impact on the way I viewed myself and even had an impact on how I interacted socially with others. I would be afraid to talk to several boys that I liked at times because I felt too “fat” and “gross” and it became overall obsessive during my teenage years.


When I was in my second year of community college, I joined a new diet program and lost 30 lbs on that, also. At that point, I was introduced to exercise via a circuit (similar to the ones at Curves). I noticed that I was gaining muscle, and also learned the difference between muscle weight vs. fat weight. This weight loss program opened my eyes and gave me a new insight on the health benefits of soy and water intake.

After I transferred schools and moved to Canada for college, I maintained the weight for the most part. I was introduced to new foods like Nutella, Coffee Crisp bars, and Ketchup Chips (all of which I love and STILL love, by the way). Although I ate these foods, I only gained about 10 – 15 lbs when I was living there. The home stay where I was living also served homemade Chinese food a good portion of when I was there.  The food was great, but my portion sizes were off. Looking back, I know I ate too much, and eventually that was another factor on how I gained the weight I was there.

Unfortunately, when I got back home I got off track again and ended up gaining all that weight back, but over at least a year’s time. Working in a job with food didn’t help either, but it wasn’t until 2009 that I finally started seeing a nutritionist that changed the way I ate, giving me healthy substitutes and teaching me about the importance of good fats, bad fats, carbs, and the different ways to speed up my metabolism throughout the day by eating smaller meals throughout the day.


So far, I have lost almost 50lbs since November of 2o09. It’s been a tough weight loss journey, but I have maintained and still lost as opposed to gaining it all back. I feel that as of today, I am in a great spot. I have made many changes to my diet including cutting added sugars out and monitoring the amount of water I put into my body, not to mention cutting coffee out and monitoring my water intake.

Quahog Festival, RI 7/17/2011

Taken before going to Foxwoods in CT!


Superbowl Sunday, 2012!

I met Jared from Subway last April at an American Heart Association walk!

I met Jared from Subway last April at an American Heart Association walk!

New glasses, March 2013

New glasses, March 2013


If you’re interested in some new, healthy recipes, follow along as I write and manage my healthy life.



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