Hey all,

I apologize for the hiatus. Things have been insane these past months. In a nutshell, I am overall content with my life.


In August, I found a new, full-time job. I am currently working around 45 hrs/ week between both jobs. I wish I could say I get paid well, but unfortunately with the economy and cuts within my company’s budget, that is not the case. But, I like what I do for the time-being and I am grateful that I am employed and that I have ETO (earned time off), and health and dental benefits.

On December 23, 2011, my boyfriend PROPOSED to me on our four year anniversary! Of course I said YES! So now I am engaged to my husband-to-be. I think about wedding things every now and then, but nothing is set in stone right now. We both agreed to have a semi-small wedding but no date as of now! Plus, I need to find a great dress. I signed up for updates on and has really been helpful in pointing me in the right directions when it comes to planning, venues, dresses, etc.

Which brings me to my weight loss goals for 2012…

I want to lose another 50 lbs this year so that I can find a wedding dress.

I began my “diet” on January 1. To this day, I have lost at least 9 lbs! 🙂

I have also decided to go flour-free and it has been successful. I am keeping up the good work.


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