Holiday Weekend!


A quick update to say Happy Canada Day to all of my Canadian friends 🙂 and also a Happy Fourth of July weekend to the rest of my friends and my family. I’m going to two parties this weekend, so I’ll be sure to update on how that goes. I just made these to bring to the party I’m going to tomorrow as well as the family party on Sunday.

I love holiday weekends, but at the same time, they stress me out. The food front is one thing that stresses me out. Temptation seems to creep into our lives not only when we celebrate THIS holiday, but all holidays. The best way to approach it is to keep reminding yourself of the goal you want to reach, and if you do slip up, to not be so hard on yourself. We all slip. Just be sure to watch extra closely what you eat the next day and maybe follow it up with a more intense workout. I know that when I slip up, I feel even more motivated to get right back to where I was before and to NOT lose sight of my goals because they are really important.

Remeber: You’re in control of your life so don’t reverse the roles with food and allow that to rule your life.

So, my rules this weekend:

Enjoy yourself, be responsible, and have fun!

Have a good one!


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