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Hey all, how is your Sunday so far? Mine is pretty lax. I’m currently getting my laundry done and surfing the net and watching some movies. Pretty much a do-nothing day.

So I have a few pieces of exciting news. First is that this Saturday, I am participating in my first 5K! Never in my wildest dream have I imagined that I would want to or even have the capability to do it. If you asked me to do a 5K two years ago, I would’ve laughed and told you that you were crazy. It’s amazing how much you can change over a couple of years span. Anyway, in case you’re curious, I really haven’t done any “training” for the race… I’ve just been doing some intervals on the treadmill — running and then walking patterns. I don’t mind doing them all that much, to be honest. I’m really used to them, so the thought of running for a minute on the treadmill doesn’t freak me out that much. The most I’ve ever run without stopping was 10 min. Yeah, it may not seem like all that long, but it’s A LOT better than what I used to be capable of. I’ve also done 30 min on the treadmill, but I stopped plenty to catch my breath and get some water. Running seems really hard right now, but I know that if I keep at it, I will get better at it.

The second piece of news is that I have a job interview on Thursday! I’ve been out of work for about a month now (which has been one of the things behind my stress eating), but I’m really looking forward to it. I hope I get the position! Working part-time right now has helped, but at the same time, it’s not enough. I need to be able to pay rent, bills, groceries, and all that fun stuff. Knowing that you’re financially stable really has an affect on how you feel about yourself, whether or not you know it. I know that my uncertainty has really turned my attitude towards things in a negative way — even the way I eat. I realized that although you’re told to look at the glass half full, it’s easier said than done. My outlet (other than eating) when I get stressed is working out. I now get pumped full of adrenaline that the only thing I want to think about is releasing that adrenaline by moving somehow. I usually do kickboxing or something with strength training.

Food-wise, things have turned around. I’ve been getting more and more into the fruits of summer. I love strawberries, blueberries, and pretty much any other kind of berry. I put them in almost anything! This morning, I made oatmeal with 3/4c of almond milk, 1/4c of water, and 1/2c of oats. I also added 2 packets of stevia, some cinnamon, and at the end added a small scoop of peanut butter. I don’t know what it is, but I love that combination of nut butter and oats. I crave it sometimes! Anyway, breakfast was delicious. I miss making oats because it takes a little while longer on the stove (we don’t have a microwave). But, in the end, it’s still great and satisfying.

I also love making smoothies and shakes with berries. I’ve been making berry parfaits lately, too.

Berry Parfait

1/2 cup of Plain, non-fat Greek Yogurt

1/4 cup of frozen berries

1/4 cup of fresh berries

1-2 packets of stevia

*1/4 cup of almonds (optional, and can also use walnuts)

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

blend yogurt vanilla extract, stevia, and berries until smooth. Place in container and freeze for approximately 30 min. Top with nuts.

So delicious and refreshing!

That’s about all that’s going on with me. I can’t wait to hit the gym tomorrow and begin the week on a positive foot.

Have a great rest of the weekend!



2 thoughts on “fruits of summer & news

  1. I came across your blog from googling the MAC n cheese recipe. I’ve been reading it from current to past. Haven’t made it to the beginning. I don’t blog, but find it amazing when others can put their lives into words. I think mine would be boring 🙂 anyway….Congrats on all your successes!!! I am a runner. Started running over 4 yrs ago at 200lbs. I have taken 50lbs of it off and I’m still on my journey. I am a run/walk/run runner. If you haven’t heard of Jeff galloway, look him up! Some think that if you don’t run every step you aren’t running. NOT TRUE!! I have completed 13 half marathons and one full marathon, let them tell me I’m not a runner 🙂 love the recipes 🙂 its amazing to me how inspirational strangers can be. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words! I’ve worked very hard. I know some times are harder than others but I am so proud of myself and that I did not allow myself to relapse and gain the 50 + lbs back! I am constantly inspired by others who are working towards a goal and those who have achieved it. Congratulations on your success, also!

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