Quick update


I first want to apologize for the lack of updating in these past weeks. I’ve been preoccupied and distracted since I stopped working full-time. You would think that would give me more time to update, but on the contrary, it hasn’t. I’ve spent day after day job searching, updating my resume, and writing cover letters for job prospectors to see.

I know this doesn’t really sound like a foodie update, but in a way it is. When something stressful occurs in my life, it throws some if not all of my weight loss progress off track. It’s formidable at times, but other times I get right back up and get through it. Knowing that I don’t have the financial stability I once had, I have been buying cheaper yet I’ve still been trying to eat healthily. It’s a constant struggle, but I’ve been trying to go to the gym and work out as much as I can to counterbalance my diet. Overall, I’ve been doing okay, but the stress sometimes gets the best of me and really hurts me more than helps me.

I know some of you can relate to this, which is why I bring it up. It’s so frustrating to lose yourself and lose what you’ve worked on when life throws you the unexpected. I am trying harder than ever to get back on track and if you’re in fact going through this, I encourage you to do the same.

I’ll update more later (with a more positive update, I promise!) , but in case you’re reading, this is what has been going on in my life.


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