Curry sweet potato fries!

Hey there! How’s everyone’s weekend going? It’s a beautiful Saturday here in Rhode Island. It’s around 60’F and I couldn’t ask for better temperatures. Unfortunately, I’ve been struggling with a sinus headache all week that just won’t go away. I just took some Aleve so hopefully it will go away soon. I think that’s my least favorite part about spring — allergies and sinus headaches. Yuck!

Despite my goal for May to give up coffee, I gave in today and bought myself a medium iced from Dunkin’. It was definitely a sign that I should’ve stuck to my guns and avoided it. I think it exasperated my headache even more. After I bought the coffee, though, two things went through my head: (1) I missed drinking it so much (2) I felt bad for getting it, to be honest. Then, I thought about how I gave up sugar and realized that if I could give up sugar, I could give up ANYTHING. With that being said, I will definitely NOT be drinking coffee for the rest of the month. I know my will-power is SO MUCH STRONGER than it was today.

So right now, my kitchen is very aromatic. I am baking one of my favorite snacks: sweet potato fries! I like to make mine with curry powder and garlic powder, but lately I’ve been also adding ground cinnamon to them and the flavor fusion is really great! So, I am currently making them now with the cinnamon. Despite the fact that they take a little while to prepare, they are definitely worth eating! I feel extremely satisfied when I’m done and usually don’t want anything else.

Here is a simple chicken stir-fry that I made. It has:

  • chicken boneless breast tenderloins
  • a bit of broccoli slaw (about 1/2 of the bag)
  • mixed veggies (I used frozen veggies with broccoli, red pepper, onion, and yellow zucchini)
  • fresh spinach
  • 1TBSP of Annie’s Green Garlic dressing
  • 1TBSP of  Annie’s Gingerly dressing
  • Gold’s Wasabi sauce

Simple yet delicious AND satisfying! I love stir-fries for that reason. It’s so easy to add veggies, sauce, and meat and cook it up. I even sometimes take it to work with me after making it that morning. Plus, it is so low in calories!

Now, onto the sweet potatoes…

I first sprayed the pan with some nonstick spray. Some people like to use olive oil flavored, but I like the butter flavor (personally). I then added the NuSalt, garlic powder, curry powder, and cinnamon.

Then, upon washing and scrubbing the sweet potato, I took it and it was ready to slice! Just a warning, if you’re making homemade fries, uncooked sweet potatoes are VERY hard to slice. Sometimes I even have to use all of my body strength for the knife to go through the potato! This one was rather large, though.

Tough. To. Cut.

Here is how they look upon slicing. Of course, after I placed each slice of potato on the baking sheet, I re-sprayed the bare potatoes with some more cooking spray and then added some more curry, cinnamon, garlic powder, and NuSalt.

I pre-heated the oven to 275’F and let it bake for an hour and a half. The slow cooking method is very effective in baking these fries. The flavor lasts longer, and it’s so delicious!

& voila!

If you don’t like curry, you can use basically anything to flavor these. Other options are the traditional Salt & pepper, cinnamon & sugar, etc. I prefer mine with the curry, though! And always feel free to be creative with flavors. At least you’ll know by trying it out, and you may even grow to crave it and want it again someday!


What is/ are your favorite spice(s)? Mine are curry, ginger, basil, and cinnamon.

What other dishes do you use curry in? I usually use it in chicken dishes.

Have you ever made a goal that was hard to accomplish due to temptation?


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